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Tory Lanez Trial: Kelsey Harris Pleads The Fifth, Granted Immunity



Megan Thee Stallion’s former assistant Kelsey Harris took the stand during Tory Lanez’s felony assault trial and gave a shocking testimony.

On Wednesday (December 14) Harris, who was in the car the night of the alleged shooting on July 11, 2020, was called as witness for the prosecution. Harris was expected to testify that Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, shot Megan five times in the foot, but instead said the exact opposite.

“I don’t care to be here. It’s a triggering situation. My name being thrown around, lies from Megan,” she said upon taking her seat on the stand.

Plead The Fifth

Moments earlier, her attorney said she’d be invoking her fifth amendment right. It was then revealed that she was granted “use immunity” for her testimony, which means she would not be charged for anything she said on the stand.

Harris still however proved to be difficult during questioning, giving vague answers, stopping to speak with her attorney and attempting to plead the fifth on several occasions. One such instance was when prosecutors asked Harris “what did (Lanez) do and what did he say,” she asked the judge if she could “take my fifth.”

Back in September, Kelsey met with prosecutors for an 80-minute long taped interview. At times prosecutors played back parts of the recording to jog her memory but to no avail. According to Harris, ‘There were some things I wasn’t truthful about,” she said.

Kylie Jenner’s House

When asked about what happened at Kylie’s house party she clarified that it was a “gathering” not a party. She also shared that Tory was “flirting” with Kylie in the pool and said Megan seemed to be irritated. She said Megan’s stylist urged her to leave the party because she was so intoxicated. She said they initially left with EJ (the stylist) but then returned to the house because Megan left a shoe.

According to Harris they then transferred their belongings to Tory’s car and got in the SUV with him and his driver. Harris gave vague details after this point only saying everyone was yelling in the car.

Prosecutors were able to get her to detail her friendship with Megan and relationship with Tory. She said Megan was the one that encouraged her to date Tory a few months before the incident.

She said she found out during the argument in the car that Megan and Tory had been involved in a sexual relationship and this made her angry.

Who Shot Meg?

When asked flat out if she shot Megan she said no, and said accusations that she did are “ridiculous.”

She also gave a vague response when asked if she saw Tory shoot Megan saying she just heard “gunshots” and didn’t really see anything the way she was positioned.

“It was a blur, and we were under the influence,” she said several times.

Prosectors also asked Harris about a text she sent Megan’s manager moments after the gunfire that read: “Help. Tory shot meg. 911.”

She said she sent that message in a panic.

Hush Money 

Prosecutors also asked if she had been offered bribe money from Tory. During her September interview she said Tory offered her $1 million to keep quiet. She doubled-down on her previous statement that she didn’t remember much of that interview. She also said Megan created the rumors that she took hush money.

Harris is expected to continue her testimony on Thursday.  She is just one of several witnesses and experts expected to testify.

Prosecutors charged Lanez in October 2020 with felony assault. He pleaded not guilty in November 2020.

Lanez has been in good spirits throughout the trial arriving each day with his family and young son. If convicted he could get more than 22 years in prison. He could also be deported to his native Canada.

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