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Cast Of ‘Fantasy Football’ Reveal Biggest Career Fumbles



While Fantasy Football may just be a movie, it doesn’t exempt the all-star cast from going through their own personal fumbles in life.

HipHollywood caught up with the cast to talk about the new sports-theme comedy and got candid about moments highs and lows of their career.

“Mine would definitely be public speaking. I really don’t like talking,” Martin told us. “Even though I’m talking right now you know I was very much an overthinker. So I think it would be anything that was public speaking that made me nervous. I had a couple fumbles with that because it could get to me sometimes and I had to learn to be myself and be comfortable with what I say.”

Kelly, who plays Callie’s mother in the film,  revealed she could be her worst critic.

“I think my fumbles have probably been away from the camera by myself and those fumbles when you have them are very hard to come back from because I’m usually my worst critic,” Rowland said. “So popping back from those is a self awareness and new conditioning I had to do for myself.”

As for Rome, he opened up about his struggles with being present in his career.

“I wouldn’t say anything specific but I will say what I’m not the best at is appreciating the wins, appreciating when things go the way I hope they do,” Flynn stated. “I would say I fumble in the area of trying to be present I wish I could be more present in my career in a way I could appreciate the stuff that I’m doing.”

Starring Omari Hardwick as Bobby Coleman, ‘Fantasy Football’ starts out with a series of disappointing and embarrassing fumbles for the veteran NFL hopeful. Things change after he and his tech savvy daughter Callie Coleman (Marsai Martin) get struck by lightening while fighting over a NFL Madden game. This “freaky friday” turn of events changes Bobby’s football trajectory as he becomes the hottest NFL player in town thanks to Callie’s ability to use her dope Madden skills on her father in real life.

‘Fantasy Football’ is streaming now on Paramount+


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