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Michael Ealy Dishes On Competition Amongst ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Co-stars



From ‘Scandal’ to ‘Little Fires Everywhere’, actress Kerry Washington and writer Raamla Mohamed are the drama dream team we never knew we needed! The dynamic duo is back with another hit show, ‘Reasonable Doubt’ and it sure to leave you at the edge of your seat. The new Hulu show is a legal drama that follows Jax Stewart (played by Emayatzy Corinealdi), a Los Angeles based private defense attorney whose unapologetic personality makes her a powerful force in the court room.

Damon, played by Michael Ealy, is introduced as an incarcerated man who made the decision to admit to a crime he didn’t commit in order to come home early after serving 16 years. We caught up with the actor to see if faced with the same predicament would he do the same and let’s just say he’s coming home by any means necessary!

“100 percent… One of the things I spoke to both Kerry and Raamla about was that loss of time. Having lost both of my parents, I’m keenly aware of how time is our greatest asset and if I was in a position like Damon where I could get out after 16 years just by admitting to something I didn’t do I probably would so I could get some time,” Ealy said. “Because losing all of that time to prison, relationships, missing out on things and just not knowing where you are when you get out, you are completely discombobulated. I mean think about how much the world has change in the last 16 years. I would 100 precent probably do the same thing.”

Costar Angela Grovey also chimed in to say, “every character you meet on this show gets put into a challenging situation and I think you can find similarities in yourself with some of us on the screen so I invite people to go on the ride of like what would I do.”

While we may not know what I would in some of these criminal situations, one thing we do know is the cast definitely a very good looking one. Sean Patrick Thomas and Mckinnley Freeman also star in the show and with Ealy, with such handsome men there’s bound to be some sort of friendly competition.

“I’ve been competing against Mike for 20 years. I mean everywhere I go people are like ‘what’s Mike like, what’s up with Mike’ and I’m like what about me,” Thomas jokingly said. “So yeah me and Mike have been going back and forth for a long time on that.”

Reasonable Doubt airs every Tuesday on Hulu!

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