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Ray J Slams Kim Kardashian’s Claim Kanye Retrieved Drive With Sex Tape



Ray J is calling BS on recent claims made by his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

If you caught the latest episode of “The Kardashians” (on Hulu) Kim tearfully told her family that Kanye met Ray J at the airport to pick up footage that she believed to contain a sex tape between her and her ex.

“I know Kanye did this for me, but he also did this for my kids,” the SKIMS mogul then said in a confessional. “I wanna shield them from as much as I can. And if I had the power to or if Kanye has the power to, like, that is just the most important thing to me.”

“I’m so emotional because of it,” she added. “It just means a lot to me.”

Hollywood Unlocked shared a clip of the moment on Instagram, and Ray J weighed in in the comment section. “All of this is a lie smh,” he wrote. “Can’t let them do this anymore – so untrue.”

As previously reported, Wack 100 claimed he was in possession of a second sex tape featuring Kim and Ray. Ray clapped back at his former manager but didn’t exactly deny that a “part 2” to their infamous sex tape existed.

“This ain’t cool – I been staying off the Raydar – Just staying focused and being humble and thankful for all the blessings I’m receiving,” Ray wrote in his response. “How can I show growth and maturity if this kinda of stuff keeps happening?

“I’m a father now and my job is to be a great parent and put them first,” he added of his two kids, Melody, 3, and Epik, 1, with wife Princess Love. “This is not the message I want to send out – smh.”

Kim (via her attorney) did deny the existence of a second tape, but expressed concern on “The Kardashians” premiere that one may exist.  Ye, who it seems was trying to score some brownie points with his estranged wife, revealed back in January that he reached out to Wack and was able to secure the footage from Ray J himself. 

At the time, a rep for Kim denied that there was anything sexual on the footage, something that Kim reiterated on the Hulu series. “There was nothing sexual, nothing weird [on the footage],” Kim said in a confessional.

So why is Ray saying it’s all cap? We reached out to his rep for comment.  One thing about Ray J is he’s going to talk eventually… he just can’t help himself.

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