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Film Review Friday: Is Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Father Stu’ Worthy Of Praise?



Just in time for Easter, Mark Wahlberg stars in Father Stu, a dark comedy about a down on his luck amateur boxer turned priest.

The film is based on a true story and takes audiences from Montana, where Stuart Long lives with his mother (played by Jackie Weaver) to Los Angeles, California where he tries to make it as an actor before trying to woo a devout Catholic (played by Theresa Ruiz).

Wahlberg really flexes his dramatic skills which we don’t always get to see. Mel Gibson, who plays his father is phenomenal and adds a much needed layer of comedy and depth. Overall the performances are refreshing and by the end, the film redeems itself (pun intended).

Mark’s fat suit becomes a bit of a distraction making it hard to take his performance seriously during some of the film’s most pivotal scenes. The harsh language and behavior could also be jarring for traditional faith-based audiences.

EMOJI RATING: 5 out 10 praise hands.

Father Stu is in theaters April 15

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