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Former ANTM Contestant Slams Tyra Banks, Says She Was Paid $40 A Day



Tyra Banks is being dragged all over Twitter … and it’s not because of her Dancing With The Stars fashion.

According to a former America’s Next Top Model contestant Tyra made Bank while participants made pennies.

“We were not paid a penny for being on the show,” ANTM cycle nine alum and former plus-size model Sarah Hartshorne, claimed to The Post. “We were given a $38 daily cash stipend that we had to use to pay for our own food, And they didn’t even give us a microwave to heat the food up.”

Hartshorne’s startling accusation comes amid a tsunami of tweets trashing Banks.


According to Forbes, Tyra earned a whopping $30 million during a 12-month period as creator and host of the CW competition reality series

Of course when Twitter got hold of this news , they dragged Tyra all the back to her native Inglewood.

“If I was Tyra Banks I would live everyday in fear of the inevitable Netflix or HBO documentary of ANTM” said one user while another said: “ Tyra Banks is definitely giving me Suge Knight in a lace front energy. Cuz bitch what kinda deal is this.”

“Production kept us in the dark about almost everything because they wanted to keep us on edge. Us being confused, tired, stressed, sleep-deprived and hungry just made for better TV,” Hartshorne added. “We never knew where we were going at any given time. They would transport us from place to place in a windowless van and we’d have to face every situation totally clueless and out of sorts.”

To be clear it was a $40 daily per diem for food, not their salary.  Production for the show also covered daily expenses, lodging, travel for the contestants while they were on the show.

Banks, has however apologized for some of the “really off choices” she made during her stint as “ATNM” commander-in-chief. Her social media mea culpa came in May 2020 after Twitter critics scolded her for chastising cycle six winner Danielle Evans, who refused to undergo reconstructive dental work.

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