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Stacey Dash Reveals She “Lost Everything” To Opioid Addiction



Stacey Dash just opened up about her “deepest, darkest secret” while on the Dr. Oz Show.

During the interview on Thursday (Oct 14) Dash revealed she was addicted to opioids for over a decade.

“I just celebrated five years sobriety,” she said. “In this five years my blessing, greatest blessing, is that not only have I been able to be honest with myself and become a better person.”


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Sadly she said both of her parents were also addicts, even revealing that her own mother gave her her first line of cocaine when she was just 16 years old.

She said that she was fully sober for 20 years, but relapsed with Vicodin. According to the 54-year-old her issue with prescription medication began after she was prescribed the painkiller to alleviate complications associated with her fibroid cysts.

Dash revealed that she was taking 18-20 pills a day and spending $5,000 to $10,000 per month on Vicodin pills.

“I lost everything,” she said.

“I’m not blaming the doctors at all, because it was my choice to take more,” she said. “It was my choice to take that extra one even though I wasn’t in pain. I chose to do that, because the Vicodin filled that hole inside of me.”

“It gave me the ease so that I could deal with life. That’s how I became addicted. It’s no one else’s fault but my own.”

An intense health scare finally put Dash back on track to sobriety.

“My kidneys were so infected that my blood was septic and my organs were shutting down,” she revealed. “So I got rushed to the hospital and I had to have a full blood transfusion. I was in there for three weeks and by the grace and mercy of God, I lived.”


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