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Men Can’t Handle The Truth! ‘Games People Play’ Cast Weighs In On The Double Standard Of Cheating



Lord the games people play literally and figuratively…

The juicy BET show is back and last night’s season premiere for ‘Games People Play’ is definitely spicy! Warning spoiler alert ahead!!!

As we all know Marcus, played by Sarunas Jackson, is the typical cheating athlete who’s wife, Vanessa played by Lauren London, has had enough and decides to get her lick back in blood.

Unfortunately, the result is murder and Vanessa’s unexpected pregnancy. Everything was all good until Marcus finds out that Vanessa’s baby isn’t his but the man she revenge cheated with. Now Marcus is crying in the car and wants to call it quits.

Well we got the chance to sit with some of the cast and the show’s producer Tracey Edmonds to dig into why men can’t take what they dish out and the double standards of cheating.

“A lot of alpha males feel like they have the right to do whatever they want to do in their personal life and that a wife is supposed to just stand there and endure it and allow the cheating and never have any retaliation or never slip up herself if she’s being ignored by her man,” Tracey, who is currently engaged to Jackson State U. football coach Deion Sanders, said. “And so we are exploring that issue this season.”

Sarunas Jackson, who was infamously blasted by MTV’s ‘Are You The One’ star Kaylen Zahara after the surprising news of him expecting a baby with ‘Insecure’ co star Dominique Perry back in 2018, also chimed in. For the record, all parties say they have spoke and it’s water under the bridge.

“I think I’ve tried my best especially in recent years as I keep evolving where I try to remove as much double standards as possible. There are some that just live and are strong and some are for the right purposes. I know they try to sometimes take away gender roles but if we together and we at home and we in bed and we hear a noise downstairs I’m not sending my woman I’m sending myself. So there are certain double standards that will live on as it should,” Sarunas said.

Open relationships may be the answer… at least that’s what co-star Karen Obilom believes.

“If you want to do things that you want to do then you got to accept the fact that your girl might want to do the same thing and if you can’t then you got to be disciplined in that way. Clearly boys will be boys, men are sexual beings so I’m like okay so if you had an open relationship [and] the girl said that she would love for you to explore other things but also she gets to explore other things too… I always ask them and they’re like no. And I’m like why? You want to be with other women but you don’t want your girl with other men? So you feel like you own her but she doesn’t own you.”

Well one things for sure Jackie Long ain’t with none of it!

“I don’t like the double standard… I don’t want my girl to do something else after I done did that! I don’t want that I don’t like it. You can have your beautiful wife right in front of you but there’s still something as a stupid man that makes you go do stupid things. It don’t matter how many women you done did but if your girl do it that one time it don’t even matter it just kills you.” He hilariously continues, “I hate it and I would never do it and then if she do it to a friend that’s like … ‘you hit Sarunas…!?'”

*Insert face palm emoji*

Catch the rest of the interview below! Don’t forget to tune into ‘Games People Play’ every Tuesday on BET 10/9c!


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