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Bardi Behind Bars? Cardi B Responds To Possible Jail Time



Cardi B isn’t phased by the possibility she could end up behind bars.

The Bronx native pleaded not guilty at her arraignment back in 2019, after being indicted on 12 counts of reckless endangerment and assault after she was allegedly involved in a brawl at a Flushing, Queens strip club in 2018.

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Cardi is due in court on Monday, October 25. Apparently if convicted she could face up to four years in jail. On Tuesday, she clapped back at a troll on Twitter who poked fun at her potential prison time.

“You’re going to prison,” the troll said. To which Cardi expertly replied, “Before I go to prison you gone see me breakin more records and making more M’s.”

To be clear, the mother of two was offered the chance to plead guilty to third-degree assault in exchange for a conditional discharge but she said “NAH!” — according to CBS News.

Cardi is accused of orchestrating an attack on the Wattley sisters, who were bartending at the strip club. They say the Grammy-award-winning artist and two of her close associates allegedly threw glass bottles and drinks at them during their scuffle.

Court documents state that Cardi B planned the attack with two of her friends, Tawana Jackson-Morel and Jeffrey Bush, over social media where the trio coordinated a date, time and location to assault the bartending sisters.

Earlier this year, the “Up” artist got into a Twitter spat with one of the sisters involved in the brawl after she took to social media to express her frustration with the case.

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