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Kandi Burruss Wants Celebs To Be Honest About Their Plastic Surgery



Kandi Burruss is getting candid about cosmetic surgery.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared details about her recent breast reduction procedure during the first episode of a new series on her YouTube channel titled Speak on It: Body Work.

“I went to a doctor and he did a little, he cut a chunk off of each one of them, okay? I’m just gonna keep it 100 with you,” she said.

Burruss, said that she was inspired to start the series in order to “be real with the people” about the type of body work that celebrities often have done, but don’t speak publicly about.

“I just feel like let’s be real with the people, let’s talk to the people who are out there being fans of us and being fans of all these celebrities, let them know the real,” she said. “It may be somebody out there that may see , I don’t want to name names but, they see some celebrity and be like ‘ooh I think they’re body is so dope’ not knowing that they could have that body too.”

In addition to her breast reduction, Burruss said she’s also undergone liposuction and a tummy tuck. She said she’s “tried” Botox but ultimately opted not to continue with facial injections.

In the series the 45-year-old also talks to other women about body image and the pros and cons of cosmetic procedures.

She also included footage from the day of her breast reduction surgery, which was done by Dr. Chad Deal, who practices in the Tennessee and Georgia area. At the end of the video, she teased that she would show footage from her post-op appointment in the next video for her Body Work series.

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