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Joseline Hernandez Claims Faith Evans Cheated On Stevie J



Joseline Hernandez just put Stevie J and Faith Evan’s marital business on blast. Over the weekend after a clip from their episode of Behind Every Man on OWN dropped, Hernandez got to spilling all kinds of tea.

“I ain’t been with that man in 4 years,” she wrote in the comments section of the clip posted on Onsite’s Instagram. “I’m happily with @balisticbeats. Every time my TV shows bout to drop this ol wore down melted b**** got something to say to stay relevant. B**** you a h** your own husband told me and my husband last week you cheated on him with young n***** and you do all the time.”

Apparently Hernandez was triggered by Faith’s claims that Stevie tried to pursue her while still with Joseline.

“When you kind of told me you guys weren’t together and then shortly thereafter finding out that you still kinda were, I think that’s probably when I stepped away because I’m not a man stealer, a home-wrecker, you know,” she said in the clip for the episode which aired Saturday on OWN.

Faith and Stevie J, began dating in 2016, and wed two years later in 2018. Joseline also claimed Faith had been creeping with Stevie for years before they broke-up. She also alleged Faith’s son got physical with Stevie and Joseline’s daughter Bonnie Bella.

Neither Stevie J nor Faith have addressed the claims. We honestly thought the drama between Stevie, Faith and Joseline was over. Back in 2015 it was reported that Joseline flew into a jealous rage over her husband and Evans spending too much time in the studio, and destroyed 65k worth of his stuff.

When we caught up with Faith at the Grammy’s a few days later she said reports of a feud with Hernandez were false.

Stevie and Faith’s marriage has also had its fair share of drama.  Last year (May 2020) Faith was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence following an altercation with Stevie at their Los Angeles home. Stevie was the one who called the cops after things got physical.  He also posted some cryptic messages about his wife on Twitter. He later declined to testify against her.

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