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Tantrum Or Justified? The Weeknd Boycotts Grammys Due To “Secret Committees”




The Weeknd has beef with the Grammys! After not receiving a nomination for his latest project, the singer is calling BS on how the Recording Academy goes about handing out those golden gramophones.

Now, upon first glance it looks like The Weeknd is salty about receiving a whopping ZERO nominations for his recent album, “After Hours”. But, apparently, the issue runs far deeper than that.

In a statement to The New York Times, he said he would boycott the awards from now on. “Because of the secret committees,” the Weeknd said, “I will no longer allow my label to submit my music to the Grammys.”

That’s a major stance from someone who has previously won 3 Grammys. But, these secret committees he’s talking about has been a point of contention for many for years. The Grammy process seems shrouded in secrecy. As told by NYT:

“The role of anonymous expert committees, which review initial nomination choices by the thousands of music professionals who make up the voting membership of the Recording Academy, the nonprofit group behind the awards, and — for 61 of the Grammys’ 84 categories — have the final say about who makes the cut. To the Grammy leadership, the committees are a check-and-balance step to preserve the integrity of the awards. To suspicious artists, they are unaccountable star chambers that can subvert the will of the voters.”

In addition to the secrecy, the 31-year-old Canadian singer thinks his Super Bowl LV performance also cost him a nod from the Grammys. As he describes, it was an either or situation and in picking SB he lost out on a Grammy nomination.

Hmmm … with the way they’re acting maybe it was all worth it!

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