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Serena Williams Is The Friend We All Need; Defends Meghan Markle Against The Critics




If you were anything like us, then you were glued to your TV and your jaw was on the floor during the Oprah with Meghan and Harry interview on Sunday night. As Markle detailed what royal life was like for her, many people sympathized with her plight and showed her support online. But, as they often do, the haters also took the opportunity to rear their ugly heads.

The criticisms online from the Duchess’ detractors are aimed at minimizing her experience and under-stating the extreme nature of her situation. We won’t name names here, because we refuse to give them anymore air time, but a number of the critics were white women who thought the Meghan was being dramatic and needed to cry a river.

However, for every hater, there was a celebrater. The support for the Duchess came in droves on social media with one standout being a close personal friend. Serena Williams penned a beautiful message of encouragement for Meghan and showed what sisterhood and solidarity is all about…

In addition to the tennis champ, folks on Twitter flooded timelines with their positive messages and love.

Did you watch the interview — What were your thoughts?

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