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Raz-B Accused Of Sexual And Physical Assault By Ex-Girlfriend



Raz-B is back in news and this time he’s being accused of assault … again!

Raz, who has previously accused B2K manager Chris Stokes of molesting him when he was a teenager, was arrested in May 2019 for allegedly strangling his girlfriend Kallee Brooks in a parking lot in Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to court documents charges were dropped because there wasn’t enough evidence against him.

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Now Brooks is sharing more about the ordeal and claims Raz also sexually assaulted her. She made the allegations on Tik Tok where she posted a video asking the question: “Whats a f***ed up thing your EX did to you?”

@kalleebrookesThis is why I have trust issues. 😐♬ original sound – kalleebrookes

“First he gave me a black eye and I told everyone I did it to protect him,” she said. “He strangled me in a parking lot and said he was going to kill me.”

She also shared the 9-1-1 audio and headlines about their altercation. She then said he put down a large down payment on a luxury car and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

“I was afraid of him, and didn’t know how to get away,” she explained. “Until he had sex with me against my will, impregnated me, put me in the hospital, and I finally had the courage to get away from him.”

Following the incident in 2019, Raz issued a statement on his Instagram Story and took accountability for his actions.

“Raz-B takes full responsibility for his actions,” the statement from his team read. “The incident represents a turning point after years of isolation, repressed emotions, and unhealthy coping mechanisms in response to childhood trauma. He intends to seek treatment to become a better man and grow beyond the pain of his worse mistakes.”

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