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Lamar Odom Is Still Bashing Ex-Fiance Sabrina Parr



We thought Lamar Odom was done talking bout his ex-fiance Sabrina Parr … but apparently not.

Odom appeared on The Real Monday and doubled down on previous comments about Parr being evil and shady. You recall he didn’t hold back his thoughts on his former flame while on The Wendy Williams Show and even claimed she slept with Tristan Thompson.

He was a tad nicer while discussing their break-up with the ladies of The Real.  Apparently Odom is big mad that Parr and her manager released the couple’s reality show without his permission.

When Jeannie Mai asked how he found out about the show, he replied, “Just like you found out about it. It’s just so many things.”

“I knew what I was doing,” he added when asked by Loni Love if he’s in the show. “I knew what I signed up for.  But I would think that when you were putting it out to the world, you would let me know.  That’s a greaseball move.  Something that I can’t respect, from her and that manager dude.”

In the end Odom feels like Parr was only with him for clout and said she was very deceitful.

“You know, I really used to like take her word for everything,”  he explained. “She was like really lying to me, the whole time, but I guess she got what she wanted, that was the ‘blue check,’ so I guess I was good for something.

Last month we spoke to Parr exclusively and she had a different take on why their relationship ended.

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