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Fans Are Convinced Cardi B Is Pregnant!




Is Cardi B carrying her second child?! Well, fans sure think so and have even taken to social media with their “receipts.”

It all started when the 28-year-old rapper hit the stage to perform “Up” and “WAP” at the Grammys on Sunday. While she looked great, and the visuals were amazing, fans noticed Cardi looked a little awkward in her wardrobe and seemed thicka than a snicka.

And then, one fan snapped this screenshot…

Immediately, folks on Twitter flooded timelines practically confirming her pregnancy and preaching it like it was gospel!

Cardi hasn’t commented on whether or not her and hubby Offset are expecting their second child, but she did explain why she may have seemed a little off while trying to dance during her Grammys performance. Apparently, the metal get up she was wearing added an extra 18lbs of weight to her frame.

And, since no one knows for sure if she is or isn’t, we’re just going to celebrate her amazing performance and not comment on her body. Kudos to Cardi!

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