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Y’all Late! There’s Nothing New About Lionel Richie And His Much Younger Boo




Twitter was doing it’s Twitter thing on Monday morning — blowing up somebodies spot and dropping their name on the trending list without warning. This time the target was Lionel Richie. Yes, we know, hella random, but one user posted this pic of Lionel with his girlfriend, Lisa Parigi and folks flipped over their 40 year age difference…

While the caption may have said “new bae”, their relationship is actually quite old. The pair have been together since at least 2014. That’s evidenced by Parigi first post on social media.

And since then, there have been no shortage of pics of her with Richie. Vacations, red carpets, award shows, American Idol visits — she’s been there for it all over the last 7 years!

But, that didn’t stop Twitter from insinuating that because of the gap in their ages — Lionel is 71 and Lisa is (approx) 30 — that his young daughters (Nicole Richie, Sofia Richie) may not agree with the romance.

The IG photos determined, that’s a lie!

Lisa with Nicole Richie (L) and a friend (R).

Lisa with Lionel and his daughter, Sofia Richie (R)

It actually seems that everyone loves Lisa. The young mogul and former model, who is the founder of Glow Up Beauty, has quite the network of friendships that includes Rihanna, Serena Williams, and Drake.

Lisa also seems like quite a catch — not only is she successful, but she is smart as hell, too. The Switzerland native speaks four languages and also held key positions at several fortune 500 companies before launching her own candle line, The Estate Collection, and lifestyle website Dream. Design. Discover.

Kudos to Lionel … do you boo!

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