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Boosie’s Take On Lori Harvey’s “Body Count” Is Trash And Y’all Know It!




Boosie thinks giving credit to Lori Harvey for having autonomy over her body and dating during her 20s is “simp” behavior. Instead, he prefers stone age thinking where we applaud men for “running through” Lori as if she’s some sort of unwilling conquest.

In an embarrassingly misogynistic interview with Vlad TV, Boosie Badazz gave his 2 cent on Harvey after being prompted by the host who listed Lori’s rumored dating history. “I think we need to stop giving the woman the power with situations like this,” the Baton Rouge rapper stated. “Girls keep saying it’s ‘goals.’ We gotta start giving the bachelors, the men, who running through women like this, the credit.”

It’s baffling that Boosie thinks “credit” should be dished out to any consenting adults who choose to do whatever they want with their bodies. It’s also confusing that anyone thinks they know all the details of Lori’s private life. But, what’s not surprising is Boosie’s consistently sexist statements and misguided male chauvinism.

“A lot of rappers want her because a lot of big dogs want her on their wish list. You gotta give the bachelors credit. People act like they fallin’, but nobody’s stuck. You only gonna stuck cause once you been ran through like that, you’re only gonna catch a simp, you ain’t gonna catch no street [ni**a],” Boosie continued.

When Vlad brought up the fact that Lori was now dating Michael B. Jordan — obviously not a “simp” kind of guy — Boosie doubled down implying that Jordan was indeed a “simp” for treating Harvey with respect and establishing a committed relationship.

Fellas, don’t be like Boosie — it’s embarrassing. Ladies, do you!

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