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Bow Wow Backtrack — Rapper Is Now APOLOGIZING For Pandemic Performance




Just days ago, Shad “Bow Wow” Moss was playing victim after being called out by Houston’s mayor for performing at a packed out club during a pandemic. Now, the rapper has come to his senses and is apologizing for the incident, claiming he “understand(s) the time we are living in.

On Tuesday, Moss took to Twitter to share his truth. He claims that it wasn’t a Bow Wow concert — he only performed one verse of one song — and that he was just showing support for his friends 30th birthday. he also shared that Houston is like a second home for him and that he’s sorry for any confusion he may have caused.

It looks like Houston’s mayor, Sylvester Turner, has accepted Bow Wow’s apology and is even looking forward to attending a post-COVID concert himself…


This energy is a far cry from Shad’s initial tone. It was just last weekend, when cameras caught Shad on stage at a Houston club rapping while folks in the audience were stuffed like sardines with NO masks. Almost immediately, Mayor Turner called Bow out for his reckless behavior. At the time, the 33-year-old claimed he was being unfairly targeted and that the mayor just hated him — thankfully though, it seems he now understands how he contributed to the circumstances surrounding the event and why he shouldn’t have operated in that fashion.

All in all, do you think his apology was sincere?

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