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Bow Wow Claps Back At Houston Mayor Over Packed Out Shows




Would you risk your life to see Bow Wow perform? This might sound like a crazy question, but hundreds of people did just that in Houston over the weekend and the city’s mayor is pissed off about it.

Of Friday, folks hit up a club in H-town to see the “Bounce With Me” rapper perform a medley of his hits. By all accounts, it was a COVID catastrophe. Nary a mask in sight and bodies packed like sardines — sweating and breathing all over each other.

After the backlash over the event hit social media, the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, took to Twitter to let everyone know he was clocking BW’s moves and wold be handling the situation accordingly…

Of course, this ruffled Wow’s feathers. The rapper also took to Twitter in an effort to defend himself, saying blaming him for the whole weekend wasn’t fair — especially since there were other artists in the area performing shows.

Bow’s solution? Get outta dodge … and quick!

Some folks think Bow Wow shouldn’t be blamed because he was just doing his job, but others think he has a responsibility to not create environments where people can be placed in harmful positions — what side are you on?

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1 Comment

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