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Negro Solstice Is Upon Us … Did You Get Your Super Powers?



Congratulations! You made it to December 21st — what is now, and forever shall be, known as Negro Solstice. 12/21 supposedly represents the day we all are able to unlock our hidden powers and transcend into unknown levels of excellency. Sooooo, are you teleporting? Do you have x-ray vision? Or, are you sitting here like, ‘WTH are you talking about?!’

It all started a few weeks ago with one random tweet. Apparently, a user by the name of @LottiDot knows the future of all Black people and decided to grace us with the following insightful information…

Now y’all know, once Black Twitter got a hold of this here tweet it went viral and the jokes were in abundance.

But, now that December 21st is here, folks are looking around for their super human strength…

Clearly, we’re all disappointed that we aren’t flying, blowing things up, or teleporting — but the day is still young, let’s give it some time.

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