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Kamala Harris Dated THIS Former Talk Show Host And Twitter Is In Shambles!




Our Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris has been married to her hubby Doug since 2014. But, before they jumped the broom, Harris was on the dating scene and hit the red carpet with a man we all know and love — Montel Williams!

This little nugget of news popped up on Twitter with photographic proof. Harris and Williams were spotted at an Race to Erase MS event in 2001 … yes, almost TWENTY years ago!

But, it’s actually old news. The story first popped up last year when Senator Harris was campaigning for the democratic nomination. And, in response to the pics going viral this time, the former talk show host retweeted his old confirmation that they dated … but with a new update.

Clearly, Montel has more important things on his mind. And, the same could be said for Mrs. Harris, who has commented on the “news” at all. But, folks on Twitter, oh the had time tuh-day!

It must also be noted that a few folks struggled with the difference between Montel Williams and Montell Jordan…

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