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WTH? Wendy Williams Can’t Pronounce Coronavirus



Wendy Williams Can't Pronounce Coronavirus

It’s been seven months since the world has been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic and Wendy Williams still hasn’t figured out how to pronounce it.

On Tuesday, while discussing President Trump’s tweet telling people don’t be afraid of COVID-19, the talk show host called it “cranova” instead of “corona” … not once but twice.


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Don’t be afraid of what Wendy …? 😩

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“We are frightened of cranova,” said Williams after reading the President’s tweet and calling corona “cranova.”

Now maybe someone misspelled corona in the teleprompter but by the second time you would have thought she’d catch the mistake. Unfortunately Williams seemed a bit out of sorts throughout that entire hot topics segment.

Now the question is ‘how you durrrin’ Wendy? The daytime talk show queen’s health has been worrisome over the years as she struggles with Graves disease. She took a break from the show after passing out on stage during a Halloween episode in 2017 and also took an extended break in 2018 because of her illness.

Wendy girl, you might need to get some rest or get some reading glasses.

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