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Mike Tyson Schools Boozie Badass About His Homophobic Comments



Somebody has finally talked some sense into Boosie Badazz, and believe it or not it’s Mike Tyson.

The outspoken rapper appeared on Tyson’s podcast “Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson” and got pressed about his transphobic and homophobic comments particularly those aimed at Dwayne Wade’s transgender child Zaya Wade.

“Why do you say things about people who might be a homosexual? Why do you say that about them?” Tyson asks in the video. “Do you feel there’s a possibility that you’re a homosexual and by disrespecting them it furthers yourself from being a homosexual? I’m thinking you may like homosexuals.”

Boosie retorted by saying that he’s “as straight as an arrow.” Then said explained that he was “offended” by Zaya’s transition because she’s a child.

“I really commented on the Dwyane Wade situation because I got offended because it’s a child. That’s really why I got offended,” Boosie said after stating that sometimes he needs to just “shut the fuck up” to which Tyson agreed.

“Who are you that you think you can make a comment about someone’s life … what happened to you that you think you can make a comment?,” he questioned the 37-year-old rap star.

During the in-depth conversation Tyson and Boosie also chopped it up about some things they have in common — prison, marriage and growing up in poverty. It was actually a deep conversation and worth a listen. We’d like to think Boosie walked away with a new perspective and outlook on life, but only time will tell.

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Earlier this year Boosie made headlines following his comments about Zaya, when he said “Don’t cut his d**k off, bruh” regarding her transformation. Boosie then came under fire for a months later after a saying in a now-deleted Instagram video that he paid an adult woman to perform oral sex on his son and nephew, 12 and 13 years old, respectively.

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