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Terry Crews Suggests We Focus On Boycotting Strippers NOT Shootings




At this point, Terry Crews seems hell bent on being on the wrong side of history. While the nation is reeling from yet another unarmed Black man brutally shot by police, the “America’s Got Talent” host decided to focus his attention on the world of adult entertainment.

Sadly, it seems Terry is trying to be funny. While the WNBA and NBA decided to boycott in order to bring more attention to racial injustices, specifically the shooting of Jacob Blake, Crews hopped on Twitter to encourage folks to boycott Magic City instead. The same club Los Angeles Clippers player Lou Williams visited during the leagues “bubble” quarantine.

For reference, let’s do a comparison. Jacob Blake is a Black man who was shot in the back seven times by Kenosha county officers in Wisconsin — Magic City is a adult entertainment club in Atlanta. There is no comparison and to draw any parallel between the two is simply disgusting. Thankfully, Twitter got Terry together real quick and pointed the hypocrisy in his statement, especially since Crews himself has admitted to having a porn addiction that almost ruined his marriage.

Do better Terry … just do better.

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