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Whose Mans Is This? Terry Crews’ Tweets About “Black Supremacy” Are Baffling




Terry Crews has an interesting take on the current protests and fight for justice. And by interesting, we mean baffling AF. The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor hopped on Twitter to explain why in fighting against white supremacy we need to be cautious of enacting “Black supremacy” … whatever that is.

Crews, who was already cancelled for his lack of support for (former) fellow America’s Got Talent cast member Gabrielle Union, ended up getting re-cancelled for this tweet…

That’s right, Terry doesn’t want us Blacks to get too powerful. Unfortunately, he doesn’t take into account that White people had a 400+ years head start on oppression and that “Black supremacy” is literally not a thing and will never be a thing.

Thankfully, a few of his friends, respectfully tried to put him in his place. Former “Everybody Hates Chris” co-star Tyler James Williams spoke out, but it still seems as though Crews couldn’t catch on…

And fellow actor Godfrey also tried to talk some sense into Terry, but at that point, Crews seemed to change his argument and directed it other Black people…

Speaking of coon, that exactly what Amanda Seales accused Terry of being!

And it looks like overnight Crews has done sopme thinking and is trying to reshape his message.

Y’all buying this or is Crews still cancelled?

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1 Comment

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