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Alice Johnson May Not Be On Team Trump After All



Black folks were big mad that Alice Johnson spoke at the Republican National Convention (RNC).

But now it seems Johnson may have pulled a major switch-a-roo on team trump. Just hours after President Trump issued her a full pardon, Johnson appeared on CNN’s Jake Tapper show and explicitly declined to endorse his campaign.

When Tapper pointed out Johnson didn’t formally endorse Trump in her speech he asked her directly.

“Well, you know, I’m so appreciative of everything the president has done. And of course I support him as a president,” she said before explaining that before his pardon she could not actually vote. “I thought it would have been a little hypocritical of me to not be able to vote, but say I’m endorsing [him].”

So is she voting for him now? When Tapper followed up and asked if she’d like for him to be reelected, she didn’t give a direct response. Instead she said she’d like continue to work with him on criminal justice reform.

“For me this is not about politics, this is about the people,” she said.  “This is not a partisan issue. Criminal justice reform is something that reaches across the aisle and impacts Republicans and Democrats. It’s American citizens that have been impacted.”

Sounds to us like Alice has mastered the art of saying a whole lot without really saying anything. It also sounds like she is a smart woman and is working the system to her advantage.

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Trumps pardon comes just two years after he commuted her life sentence, thanks to the help of Kim Kardashian-West. With that pardon she can now vote, doesn’t have a felony on record and can pretty much live her life as normal after spending 22 years in jail for a non-violent crime.

Interestingly Johnson also did an  interview with The Daily Beast  and conspicuously did not once mention Trump’s name.

If she turns around and votes Biden / Harris in November, Johnson may be a smooth criminal (pun-intended) after all. We’re not mad though. Do your thing sis.

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