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Warren G Talks New Music With Dr. Dre And Surprising Connection To Ty Dolla $ign



Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg aren’t the only west coast rap veterans working on new music. HipHollywood caught up with Warren G about his new single “And You Know That” featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

“I called him and said Ty I need you on the hook on this record and he was like ok,” explained Warren. “I came back in the studio and he did it, laid it out, did his verse, I was like damn.”

Warren also explained that his relationship with Ty runs deeper than many may know. His father Tyrone worked at a local record shop in Warren’s neighborhood and the two formed a bond while he recorded his first album.

“When we first linked up he told me ‘Warren did you know my dad sold you your first equipment?’ and I was like who was your father and he said his name is Tyrone he used to work at Nadine’s Music Store, I said what?!”

During his impressive 30 plus years in the business the G-Funk creator has become a pioneer in the West Coast hip-hop scene garnering seven Top 40 hits including “Regulate”, “This DJ” and “Nobody Does It Better.”

In recent years Warren has helped develop new emerging talent all while steady working on music of his own. So what are his plans for a new album?

The Long Beach CA native says he’s just dropping a series of singles and has been in talks with his step-brother Dre and former 213 group mate Snoop about doing something real soon.

“I’ve been putting it in the air with Snoop,” said Warren, “It’s just up to Dre if he’s down … but now is the perfect time.”

As previously reported Dre has been working with Kanye West on his new album and was also photographed with Snoop in the studio. Warren admitted studio sessions with Dre are intense and shared a hilarious story about working on his song “Lookin At You” in 2001.

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