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Stop Calling Us ‘Strong Black Women’ — Taraji P. Henson Speaks Out On “Dehumanizing” Statement




Don’t call her strong! What was once seen as a empowering phrase, can often be a harmful moniker for Black women, and Taraji P. Henson is making sure that the masses understand the issue at large.

Henson has been called strong, in addition to many other attributes, seemingly as a compliment. However, in a conversation during an Essence Wellness House segment, the actress opened up about how damaging the “strong Black woman” narrative can really be.

“It came as a thing to empower us,” she says. “But then, as years go on, we’ve been ignored because of that very statement. It dehumanized us, our pain, it belittles our tears. We’re supposed to be able to watch our brothers, sons and fathers be murdered in the streets. But we can take it because we’re ‘strong.’ We can deal with it. And that’s just not true. I have issues with titles like that and ‘black girl magic’ because we’re not fairies. We don’t magically rebound from our pain. We hurt and suffer just like others.”

Just days before the interview, Taraji, who is a vocal mental health advocate, posted a similar message on her Instagram page…

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A post shared by taraji p henson (@tarajiphenson) on

Overall, the “Empire” actress wants everyone to know that “real strength is in vulnerability.”

To watch Taraji’s full interview click HERE.

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