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Exclusive: ‘Married To Medicine L.A.’ Star Unsure About Returning For Season 3



Dr. Kendra Segura Not Sure If She Will Return For New Season Of Married To Medicine L.A.

Fans of Married To Medicine Los Angeles may have fallen in love with Dr. Kendra Segura, but the love affair could be ending soon.

The OB-GYN told HipHollywood exclusively that she’s unsure if she wants to return for another season.

“It’s a lot to really open up your life,” she explained. “So right now I’m not sure to be quite honest, to keep it fully one hundred, it’s something that I’d have to reconsider.”

“Right now it’s not a yes, it’s not a no, or maybe it’s more of a no,” she added jokingly. “My body [language] is telling you something.”

Kendra joined the show season 2 and has become a fan favorite. She got Dr. Heavenly Kimes all the way together on the season premiere (cross over episode), helped Shanique and Leah end their feud and snapped on Jazmin for being too pushy as her personal trainer.

But the new mother and doctor’s wife says she may not have time for anymore drama outside of the ER.

“People have to remember that I am working, the things that I am fitting in, and bringing people along. It’s a challenge.”

Meanwhile another “M2M” star is putting Bravo on blast for their discriminatory treatment. Mariah Huq who is executive producer and creator of the franchise says the network treats her differently than other show creators and it’s because she’s a black woman.

Back in April, Huq announced via Instagram that she hadn’t received her a contract for season 8.

“Morting-ting-ting Where is my contract?” Huq wrote in her caption. “Last time I checked I was #MarriedToMed Now I have to worry about Covid & Contracts.. It’s #teamtoomuch #Imsiccud.”

She clarified during an interview with the Atlanta Black Star last month that she STILL hadn’t received an offer.

“Yes, I did say that in April and no I haven’t received my contract. I’m typically the last person to know things about “Married to Medicine” unfortunately, and I’m hoping that that changes real soon. It’s not the way; it’s not the way that it’s supposed to be,” she said.

To be clear, Huq is the first African-American woman to create a franchise at Bravo.

“I’m one of three people. It’s me, it’s Lisa Vanderpump, that created “Vanderpump Rules,” and Whitney Sudler that did “Southern Charm,” she said. “They’re still with their franchises. They’re still a part of [them]. Why would I not be?”

It’s still unknown when season eight of “M2M” will premiere on Bravo since production is temporarily on hold because of the pandemic.

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