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Is Michael B. Jordan Smashing Those Stallion Cakes?!




Michael B. Jordan and Megan Thee Stallion have a lot in common — their both attractive, they both work in entertainment, and their both are fantasies for thousands of people. So, if they are indeed hooking up, we wouldn’t be surprised. But, how did this rumor start, and why is it so believable? Blame it on Michael B.

It all started when Hot Girl Meg blessed the timeline with a little booty popping in the pool.

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Oh you getting flooded today bayyybeeee

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The visually appealing video caught the attention of Jordan who couldn’t help but leave a flattering emoji in the Stallion’s comment section.

Not to be outdone, Meg responded with an emoji of her own…

Now, a few emojis under a thirst trap doesn’t automatically mean folks are smashing. But, fans are hoping the flirting turns into a full on relationship!

Last time we thought Michael was in a relationship he was cozying up to singer Snoh Alegra. But, it looks like either that’s over or it was never a real thing. Either way, were team Michael & Meg!

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