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Did Ruby Dee Help Will & Jada Get Through Entanglement Gate?



We may now know how Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith bounced back after Jada’s brief entanglement with August Alsina.

In a newly resurfaced interview from 2018, Will revealed that late actress Ruby Dee helped counsel the couple through a very rough patch and gave them advice that changed the way they look at marriage.

“Ruby Dee died a few years ago. Her and [her late husband] Ozzie Davis had been together for 50 years. Me and Jada [were] struggling hard, so we went to go talk to Ruby Dee,” the Philadelphia born star said during the Rap Radar Podcast. “So Ruby turns to Jada and she says, ‘how long you known him?’ At the time it’d been 17 years so she said, ‘I’ve known him for 17 years.’ Ruby said, ’17 years? Shit, you don’t even know him yet.’ [Ruby] said, ‘just relax.’ And that was her whole advice, you don’t even know him yet. And it’s like the idea that [after] 17 years, you don’t even know him yet? That is so deeply true.”

A few weeks ago the couple sat down for a special episode of Red Table Talk and shocked the world when they confessed Jada was in fact romantically involved with Alsina. But what the duo didn’t reveal was how they got through that time.

Based on the timeline it sounds like Dee may have had a hand in getting them untangled. According to Jada she met August in 2015 around the time her marriage was in peril which would have also been around the time the couple had been married 17 years.

Will told music journalists Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller  the legendary actresses advice helped them transition from calling themselves married to live partners.

“Ruby really locked us into that space where Jada and I realized that we were on individual journeys. We were both trying to force a marriage when actually you know in terms of a seed and soil are they married? The seed is not married to the soil, it’s just growing together both doing what they were designed to do. Me and Jada sort of found ourselves into that space where we don’t even say we’re married anymore we refer to ourselves as life partners,” he explained.

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