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And now … Meek Mill Enters The Chat, Denies Affair With Kim Kardashian




Meek Mill is chiming in on the rumors that he had a tryst with the very married Kim Kardashian.

The alleged affair became a trending topic on social media after Kim’s husband, Kanye West, accused the reality star of being “out of line” when visiting Meek at the Waldorf Astoria to talk “prison reform” — even going so far as to say he was trying to divorce Kim over it. Imaginations ran wild, trying to decipher what “out of line” truly meant.

However, it didn’t take long for a “source” (re: a Kardashian) deaded the gossip saying the meet up wasn’t a one-on-one. It actually included philanthropist Clara Wu Tsai and all three discussed “plans to keep the prison reform movement going forward,” according to TMZ.

Additionally, Meek hopped on Twitter to issue his own statement regarding the gossip and kept it short and sweet.

Welp, that certainly clears it up. Meek is calling it all lies, Kim is denying it as well, and Kanye, well Kanye has more important things to worry about now.

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1 Comment

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