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Wait … Why Are Meek Mill And Trey Songz Beefing Over Giving Back?



Well, this went all the way left real quick! A gesture that was meant to promote positive philanthropy, backfired tremendously, and now Meek Mill and Trey Songz seem to be beefing over giving back.

It all started when Meek posted this pic on Instagram, flaunting a stack of cash, and Trey hopped in the comment section saying, “Take some of them bands and accept the #feedyourcitychallenge.”

The Philly rapper didn’t take to kindly to being called out, on his own IG post no less, so he responded back, “I donated like 2 mill this year where you at? Lol.”

But, he didn’t leave it there. Meek went on to post ALL of his recent monetary donations and told Trey, “don’t try me like that!” Now, from Trey’s point of view, he was “trying” anyone. He was simply asking a friend to participate in a challenge, much like he’s done with other friends on many occasions. And Songz said as much when he posted this response.


But, of course, it didn’t stop there. Meek had to let the R&B singer know he wasn’t in his feelings, he just doesn’t like being put on the spot … which he stated in Trigga’s comment section.

“Nah I didn’t don’t try to put me on the spot wit that sideways shit that’s not even no money like 4 racks … other artist telling artist to donate is dumb just handle ya business! Don’t try to put me on the spot .. this behavior kinda of new artist don’t speaking on my money … coulda kept this in the comments bro I just ain’t feel your comment no big deal”

Is it us, or is this just one big misunderstanding that isn’t worth bickering over. These two are friends, they both give back, and they both are fighting for the common cause of protecting Black lives.

Fellas, squash it.

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