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Terry Crews: “Don’t Let Black Lives Matter Become Black Lives Better”




Terry Crews is really out here creating issues that just don’t exist. As the majority of us fight for equality, justice, and basic human rights, Crews is concerned that Black folks may be asking for far too much.

We’re not sure how we got here, but it’s been heading in this direction for a while. Just a few weeks ago, Terry tried to convince folks that “Black supremacy” was a real thing and that we should all pump our brakes before we go begin to oppress the oppressors. Yes, instead of worrying about the fight against police brutality, he wants to make sure we remember to center whiteness and make their feelings our main focus.

And now, here we are — the “White Chicks” actor has once again opened his mouth with some ridiculous concern and folks are baffled.

Like, what? Terry really thinks he’s dropping some gems and really he’s out here tap dancing and bending over backwards to appease his white fans (and family). We get it, your wife is bi-racial and you have white people at your family reunions, but what your missing is that no one is asking for BETTER treatment, we would just like EQUAL treatment. And, if you can’t get on board with that, than that’s the real problem.

Of course, folks on Twitter had some words for Crews, as well…

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