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Skai Jackson Is Exposing Racist On Twitter And Folks Are Cheering Her On!




She may be known as a Disney star, but Skai Jackson is no longer here for the child’s play. The 18-year-old actress is using her platform on social media to call out racist and put a spotlight on them for all to see.

Maybe the cancel culture doesn’t need to be cancelled if folks are going to use it like Skai. The former “Bunk’d” star has been quite vocal on social media in recent years, but her latest act of social justice may just be her best.

In a series of tweets, Jackson has exposed people on Twitter who are making their racist proclivities quite apparent.

Oh, and the self-professed “queen of exposing racist” has some heat for those who think her tactics are uncalled for…

For the most part, Twitter is cheering her on!

You love to see it!

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