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King Bach Gets Roasted Over Anti-Racism Spoken Word Video




He’s known for his comedy shtick and huge social media following, but King Bach took on a serious tone in his latest video, speaking out against police brutality and honoring the memories of those killed at the hands of cops.

In the two minute video, Bach stands shirtless with the names of numerous people killed by police written on his chest in black marker. There’s no smile on his face or wacky skits being performed, it’s a rare glimpse at the actor’s serious side. The clip begins with King criticizing those who have been more vocal about the looting than the lives lost due to police brutality. He also takes a shot at any company who will question a partnership with him because he’s using his platform for social justice saying, “My people have been dying of injustice for centuries, I don’t give a damn how a brand feel!” He even calls out fellow Tik Tok stars who enjoy creating content influenced by Black culture but have gone silent when it’s time to stand in solidarity with Black people, telling them to , “kick rocks.” The video ends with a loud cry, “these innocent names have been turned into hashtags and the deaths we could avoid, say it loud, I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD, rest in peace to George Floyd!”

Now, clearly, the video was created with well-meaning intentions. However, the internet has a long memory and folks just can’t seem to forget when Bach was making Vine videos playing into societal stereotypes and chasing after white women. Additionally, the misspelling of Tamir Rice and Breonna Taylor’s names also didn’t sit well with people on Twitter where King Bach has been trending. And, it’s that reason why many have been quite critical of the influencer’s attempts at social advocacy.

However, it wasn’t all bad for Bach. He did have a few supporters in his corner…

Look, one thing we can all agree on is fighting against police brutality and systematic racism is always a worthy cause … even when it comes from King Bach.

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