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The Real Reason Ja Rule Made That Ridiculously Bizarre Commercial!




Ja Rule has taken some major Ls in his day — but this one may take the cake. The Murder Inc. rapper is using his talents to help hawk Greek food and Twitter is having a field day with the video.

After the Fyre Fest debacle we didn’t think things could get worse for Ja, but this video proves we may have been wrong. In an attempt to promote Papa Cristo’s Greek Deli, Rule ends up looking like a used car salesman pushing a product he knows nothing about. Watch him as he flubs his line, incorrectly pronounces Greek dishes, and completely makes a fool out of himself.

Rule is now trending on Twitter, but fans are only waiting for one thing. 50 Cent’s response…

And, of course, as Rule’s arch nemesis, he delivered.

But, here’s the real gotcha, gotcha. Looks like Ja was doing this out of the kindness of his heart. Due to COVID-19 many businesses have been struggling to stay afloat and Rule has decided to use his “notoriety” in an effort to help them out.

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