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Who Does The Best Toni Braxton Impersonation — Babyface vs. Tamar




Toni Braxton has an iconic voice. The legendary songstress has delivered some of the most beautiful ballads R&B music has ever heard. The unique tone and distinct quality of Braxton’s voice is unmatched — or is it? Two people very close to Toni have just shown us that while the Grammy-award winner can never be duplicated, her voice may be replicated.

Who knew Babyface vs. Tamar Braxton was the next IG battle we’d be so hype to see?! Although it wasn’t real “Verzuz” battle, it was a hilarious back-and-forth between the two singers as they tried their damndest to impersonate Toni.

It all started with Face posting a video on his Instagram showing “How to write a song for Toni Braxton.” In the 3-step tutorial, Babyface gives viewers all the tips and tricks to sound like Toni…

Consider it a challenge issued! Braxton’s baby sister Tamar caught wind of Babyface’s video and decided to post her own Toni impersonation.

Clearly, Tay Tay killed it! But, she does have an unfair advantage — DNA. Who else do you think could take on the #ToniBraxtonChallenge?

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