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Tyra Talks ANTM: Regrets, Mistakes, And More Apologies!




Tyra Banks is apologizing — again — for some of the choices she made on America’s Next Top Model. However, this time she’s revealing why she made some of those cringeworthy choices in the first place.

“Oh, this ain’t right!” That was Tyra’s reaction when watching a cycle 13 ANTM episode in which she had caucasian models paint themselves a darker skin tone in order to look a different race. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier, Banks revealed why she regretted the decision.

“Yes, I apologized for it. Because we put it out and even me just watching it after, I was like, ‘Oh, this ain’t right. We felt like our skin is beautiful, let’s paint the world our color. And then when we saw it, we were like, ‘Oh no, this excuses other people to do this in a negative way.'”

But, that wasn’t the only clip that made Tyra cringe — her interaction with cycle 6 winner Dani Evans was also tough to watch. At the time, Banks lambasted Evans for thinking she could get a CoverGirl contract with a gap between her teeth. “I cringe through the eyes of today,” the 46-year-old super model stated when thinking back on the encounter. But, Banks also provided context for why she made that decision in the first place.

“I also have this mission to get the models as much work as possible, and at times this desire to make sure that my girls got work, made me forget my mission of why I get up every single day, which is more important than any damn magazine cover.”

Let’s hope this is the last time Banks has to revisit these unfortunate incidents. Just last month when these insensitive ANTM clips were trending on Twitter, Tyra tweeted another apology…

But, at this point, the clips are over a decade old, and Tyra has given multiple apologies. We should be good now, right?

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