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The Timeline Is Dragging Tyra Banks … But Should She Be Cancelled?




The twitter mob is out and this time their pitchforks are aimed at Tyra Banks. The model is catching flack over insensitive, and maybe even damaging comments, made years ago.

It all started with this clip from cycle six of “America’s Next Top Model”. In it, Banks chastises contestant Dani Evans over her choice to NOT alter the gap between her teeth.

Now, it’s worth noting that Dani went on to win the 2006 season of ANTM, but it’s still no consolation to those who think Banks and her egregious statements should be held to the fire.

There’s also these shady moments too…

Annnnnd this infamous moment.

However, not everyone is coming for her neck, some folks believe Tyra’s statement was unfortunately a sign of the times and the modeling industry as a whole.

What do you think — was Tyra out of line or just a sign of the times?

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