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Quad Webb Shoots Her Shot At NY Governor Andrew Cuomo



Qued Webb Has A Crush On Andrew Cuomo

Married To Medicine star Quad Webb has a major crush on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. But instead of sitting back and doing nothing, Quad decided to shoot her shoot. The reality star posted a video on Instagram campaigning for a spot on Cuomo’s arm.

“Let me tell you something, the people told me, down to the New York City, that you were very, very single. Now it’s interesting enough that I’m single too,” said Quad. “And I’m just saying, I’m loving how you’re running the great state of New York. I mean your heart is so big and that’s what I’m most attracted to. I understand you are single and after the quarantine, you’ll be ready to mingle,” she continued.

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Not only that, but Quad also assured Gov. Cuomo that she has her own money, no kids, and good credit should he need it to borrow the PPE and hospital beds his state needs.

“Well let me just tell you, you can call me, you can. I have good credit, I don’t have any children and I have my own cointage. And I know you might need the credit because you might be a little extended. I understand, you’ve done a lot for New York.”

“You’ve bought ventilators, you’ve bought masks, you’ve got extra hospital beds. I mean you’ve done your thing. So we can use my credit, ok? We got 30 days to pay it off. And I’m not so hard on the eyes either,” she added.

The 39-year-old divorced Dr. Gregg Lunceford in 2018 and may be on the rebound in more ways than one. Tegna just pulled the plug on her show Sister Circle and according to her M2M co-star Toya Bush, she’s been demoted to a friend of the show.

Needless to say a date with NY’s most eligible bachelor would be a major win. Cuomo split from his longtime girlfriend Sandra Lee last fall and was previously married to Kerry Kennedy.

We think Quad Webb-Cuomo has a nice ring to it.

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