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Kenny Lattimore Is Trending On Twitter And It’s All Thanks To Michael Jordan



Kenny Lattimore Trends On Twitter after Episode 10 Of The Last Dance

If you watched “The Last Dance” on Sunday then we’re sure you were full of emotion (that it was ending) still in awe (of MJ’s greatness) and had some questions (regarding Kenny Lattimore).

In episode 10, the team bus arrives in Utah for game six of the 1997-1998 NBA finals and Jordan is in the back with his headphones on jamming out. When someone asks, what are you listening to, he says with a big grin, “Kenny Lattimore … Brand new. Not even out yet.”

It was a flex but a slightly confusing one … if you know Lattimore’s music. No shade to Lattimore, he is definitely a 90s R&B icon, but he’s known for ballads not uptempo tracks. Needless to say he quickly became a hot topic on Twitter.

Lattimore soon got wind of all the chatter and took to Twitter to explain exactly what MJ was jamming to.

“In 1998 I sent Michael Jordan an advanced copy of my ‘From the Soul of Man’ album,” he tweetd. “Who knew ‘Days Like This’ was his pre-game hype song though?”


Lattimore wouldn’t release the album until October of 1998, four months after Jordan and the Bulls beat the Jazz and won their sixth championship.

The song peaked at number 84 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks  but failed to reach the same success as “Never Too Busy” and the Grammy-nominated “For You” from his debut album “Kenny Lattimore.”

Needless to say all the chatter has brought Lattimore new throngs of fans, increased streams of the song and his catalogue … so MJ for the win again!

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