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Don Lemon Has Zero Fs Left And The Internet Can’t Deal




Don Lemon isn’t one to hold his tongue, but now he has zero Fs to give and it really shows! The CNN host just chin-checked Donald Trump over his infatuation with Barack Obama and it was quite the sight to see.

Lemon is the top trending topic on Twitter and it’s because of this video right here. In the snippet, Lemon lets loose — in the calmest way possible. With a cool demeanor, and an even tone, Don challenges Donald on why he constantly has Obama’s name in his mouth.

These are questions that need answers. Why are you so obsessed Donnie? Jealous much?! That’s exactly what it seems like — and, of course, Twitter rallied behind Don, wondering the same thing…

Do you think Don went too far? Or should all journalist be checking the “president” in this manner?

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