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Tiffany Haddish Trying To Get Pregnant By Common During Quarantine




Gardening isn’t the only thing Tiffany Haddish is doing while on COVID-19 quarantine. The Girls Trip star is also hanging out with her rumored boo Common.

Tiffany has declared numerous times that the two are just friends. You recall she told us that back in December when rumors first started swirling.

Now, the cat may be out of the proverbial bag. Over the weekend, Cedric The Entertainer joined DJ Kid Capri for a “Healing Through Laughter” event with Def Comedy Jam. It was a COVID-19 relief fundraiser that ultimately featured some surprise guests, including his “The Last O.G.” co-star Tiffany Haddish.

During their digital chat, Haddish revealed that she wasn’t in the house alone. She was joined by none other than Chicago-born rapper Common. Cedric wished him well and Common thanked the comedian for keeping us laughing during times like these.

Once he got off the live, Tiffany popped back on camera, suggestively winking and sticking her tongue out. As she walked down the hall, away from Common, Cedric said, “Tiff, that’s an exclusive.”

She also joked that she wasn’t taking her birth control. “I can’t get my depo shot,” she said referring to the medicine depo-provera.  “So let’s see what happens.”

Whew chile. We know Tiffany is a comedian but you’re not risking getting the rona for your friend. But I guess we’ll know for sure in nine months.

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1 Comment

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