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Megan Thee Stallion Thinks You Guys Are “Intimidated” And “Overwhelmed” By Her Sex Appeal




It’s a Hot Girl Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall, and Megan Thee Stallion doesn’t care if it’s too much for you to handle. The “Savage” rapper is letting it be known that she will rap about whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and you can keep your double standards to yourself!

Meg is having her it moment and she’s not going to stop her bag because a few critics can’t seem to handle her raunchy lyrics. In an interview with Marie Claire, Thee Stallion stated facts, “A man can be as mediocre as he wants to be but still be praised,” she argues. “A man can talk about how he’s about to do all of these drugs and then come and shoot your house up. But as soon as I say something about my vagina, it’s the end of the world?”

Oh, but she didn’t stop their. In highlighting the hypocrisy she stated, “What are you really mad about? You cannot be mad about me rapping about sex. That’s not what you’re mad about. It’s something deeper,” she theorizes. “Not only am I rapping about sex, I’m rapping about you making me feel good. I’m not rapping about licking on you. No, you’re going to do what I told you to do, and I feel like sometimes that can be a little intimidating….Sometimes it’s overwhelming to some men. They can’t handle it, they get a little shook, they get a little scared. But I’m not going nowhere, so get used to it.”


“I know that women are powerful. I know that we are out here birthing people. I know that we are out here running shit, so I can’t even be mad at you for thinking that we should be held to a high standard,” Megan Thee Stallion says. “We’re the ultimate beings. We are the superior beings.”

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