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Teddy Riley vs. Babyface Battle Finally Happens … And The Internet Still Has Jokes!




Y’all, it finally happened. After a false start, technological issues, and just wayyy too much extraness, Babyface and Teddy Riley finally got it together and held their “Verzuz” battle on Monday night.

Now, the night was not without it’s own issues (Face could pin a comment and that took quite a bit of time), but they weren’t nearly as disastrous as the previous attempt that ended when Riley (and like 50-11 people) couldn’t get their audio right.

The night ended up being a few hours of epic songs and nostalgic moments that kept the audience, that got to 400k at one point, engaged. And while the songs were playing, folks on social media were still chattering — but first, a break down of the hits:

And, while on paper, the battle was neck and neck, on Twitter it was all about Babyface — or shall we call him by his new nickname, ShadyFace.

But, all in all, we really Stan to legendary Kings!

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