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Rasheeda Married Kirk When She Was Just 17? The Couple Tells All!




Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s marriage has been the subject of scrutiny for years. From the multiple times that Frost has cheated on the Atlanta rapper, to the out of wedlock baby, and the tumultuous fights they’ve had while filming Love and Hip Hop, their marriage hasn’t exactly been “goals” — even though they try to present it as such. However, the latest news to surface about their union is more than just jarring, it may be downright illegal.

The rumor mill started churning with this tweet from a user who seemed to have some insider intel.

Rasheeda responded with this tweet, but things still didn’t really add up.

Now, we typically don’t deal in rumors, but a simple google search will show you that Rasheeda is 37-years-old and both she and Kirk have been boastfully celebrating their 20 year wedding anniversary. At this point, it’s just math. But, the “adopted at 15 portion” of the story did seem a bit sus … and then this popped up.


The story started gaining more traction so they couple decided to do a video denouncing the gossip.

And that may have made things worse.

As the internet super sleuths often do, they pulled receipts from Rasheeda’s old birthday party where a friend revealed that Frost was picking a young ‘Sheeda up from high school in a “fly ass car” when she was 17-years-old.

At this point, things are looking a bit off, but do you fully believe the rumors?

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