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Why Kirk Frost Will Never Keep It In His Pants And Rasheeda Will Never Leave



In news that shocked no one, Kirk Frost revealed on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday night that he is indeed the father of Jasmine’s baby. Rasheeda tried to act mad, she failed.

It’s no secret that Frost is about that philandering life. Since season one he’s been stepping out on his wife of almost 20 years … but, since season one, she keeps coming back. And this is why we believe that ‘Sheeda ain’t eva leaving.

The self-proclaimed “Boss Chick” has been embarrassed by her mate on more than one occasion and many thought this out of wedlock baby would be the last straw. But, by the looks of it, it’s not. Season 7 of the show starts with Rasheeda telling Kirk he can’t live in the family home, but we know by the end of the season he just moves back in anyway. Rasheeda says she needs more time. He. Does. Not. Care.

Also, these scenes were shot weeks ago … fast-forward to present day and one look at Rasheeda’s Instagram page will show you that Kirk is still around. He was even there to support his spouse at the grand opening of her Pressed store in Houston. Clearly, she still wants him around.

Maybe it’s for love. Maybe it’s for the kids. Maybe it’s for the cameras. Either way, if Rasheeda is ok with being played, then who are we to be mad. Get yours, boo!

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