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Fabolous Tweets He Misses Getting Dressed And Twitter Says… We Don’t




Cabin fever is definitely setting in and at this point, all we just want to know is when can we get back to the way life used to be. Like most of us, rapper Fabolous is also stuck in the house so he can’t bless us with his regularly scheduled IG drip.

The rapper recently tweeted, “I miss getting dressed.” Unfortunately for him, Twitter was quick to let him know that his fits weren’t always on point.
One person tweeted, “Still shook, at how this morning someone tried to really tell me (and I quote) “Fab be DRESSED” … As if Fabolous’ sense of style doesn’t reek of pubescence.”

Another tweeted one of his viral outfits saying, “this was an all-time worse chief”

But in Fab’s defense, he has definitely come a long way from baggy jeans and oversized Tee’s which possibly is thanks to his celebrity stylist girlfriend Emily B.
Fabolous Emily B Fabolous Emily B Fashion Fabolous Emily 2 Fab Emily
He has been known as the Jersey King with retro looks from the Prince of Belair and Degrassi.
FabDegrassi FabBelAir
One fan said, “How you following a Man to slander him? Fab one of the flyest in the Game and all the fly n*** will tell you, he top 2 and he ain’t 2.”

We guess you can’t please them all. Let us know in the comments below, is Fab the Swag King?

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